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There are not many places you can get as many experiences based on nature and culture in Voss. For more than a century we have been welcoming tourists who sought the great experiences. Voss is located midway between the most famous fjords in Norway, the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord and is a natural starting point for exploring Fjord Norway. Bergen lies bar an hour train ride away.

Whether you are seeking peace and quiet in natural surroundings, and to defy nature and yourself through more extreme activities, so we can offer the most: rafting, paragliding, horseback riding in the mountains, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, yes, list is much longer.

We also offer cultural activities like folk dances, concerts, cultural festivals, farm and stølsvitjinger, and several local museums and buildings of great historical interest.

Voss is the starting point for the most famous touring, Norway in a Nutshell. Through a journey by train, bus and boat you experience enough of the most scenic Norway offers by mountains and valleys, rivers and fjords, waterfalls and unspoilt nature.

There are natural reasons why Voss is the ski resort in the world in modern times has had as many Olympic participants. Here you will find 40 km of groomed ski trails, ranging from good beginner slopes to challenging terrain for the best. We have 10 lifts, including a gondola from the center. Separate children's play area, a snowboard park and very good conditions for off-piste. Voss also about 60 km groomed cross-country trails as well as many routes in the mountains.

Around it all, we have about 3000 beds in hotels, guest houses, camp sites and private accommodation.

Welcome to adventure!
Popular attractions

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  #2 Voss Rafting Senter A...

  #3 Hangursbanen

  #4 Vangs Church

  #5 Tvindefossen

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