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Romania is a country in southeastern Central Europe, which have been considered to belong to both Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It traversed by the Danube River and the lower course of the Carpathian Mountains. It borders the Black Sea to the north, Bulgaria to the north, Serbia and Hungary to the northeast, Ukraine to the north (and the Danube discharge) and Moldova to the northeast.

Modern Romania was in 1859 as a union between principalities Moldavia and Wallachia. The third main part of Romania, Transylvania, was ceded by Hungary at Trianon Treaty after the First World War. Romania's capital and largest city is Bucharest.

Romania is a large country with lots of mountains and therefore has a varied climate. The country has a temperate continental climate, with large temperature differences between day and night, and between summer and winter. This is because there is almost no temperature equalizing effect of the sea.

Romania has its greatest temperature changes between seasons in Transylvania, where it ranges from -5 ° C in January and 20 ° C in July. It is also the most snow in the winter, when the mountains have lower temperatures than the lowlands to the south. Coast of the Black Sea is 400 mm rainfall per year, while inland is 500-700 mm. Up in the mountains falls 800-1500 mm.
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