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Morocco is a constitutional monarchy in northern Africa. The country has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. In the east borders the country from Algeria. The country's borders are disputed. Morocco claims sovereignty over Ceuta, Melilla, but also more disputed Western Sahara. Morocco has in reality managed almost all of the latter territory since 1975. The capital Rabat and the country's financial center and the largest urban area, Casablanca, both on the Atlantic coast.

Morocco is a mountainous country. For almost the entire length of the country runs the Atlas Mountains, which are divided into the three mountain ranges Anti-Atlas, High Atlas and Middle Atlas. This small mountain villages clinging to the hillsides and mountain peaks between scattered pastures for sheep and goats. More plateaus ensures that Morocco's average height is located on 800 meters. Totally flat, only the Mediterranean coast and to the south the Sahara desert begins. Here reigns the heat and drought, while the mountains get plenty of both rain and snow. The most appealing climate from a traveler's point of view can be found along the coast, with long, hot summers and short winters that never gets real cold. A temperature of 10-15 ° C is typical for the month of January.

Only 15 miles of water separates Morocco and Europe. Nevertheless, there are two different worlds. In Morocco's bazaars more colorful, the Spanish-Moorish architecture more magnificent mountains and more dramatic than even the best that Europe can achieve.

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