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Venezuela is one of South America's most scenic and diverse country, and has plenty to brag about: South America's largest lake and third-longest river, the world's highest waterfall, the snowcapped Andes, the steamy Amazon jungle, miles of beaches with white sand along the Caribbean coast and some real critter species crocodiles and snakes. The cities are modern, colonial villages are picturesque and citizens grabs every opportunity to show off the beauty of their country.

Venezuela is located in the tropical climate belt and has a typical tropical climate with high temperatures and high humidity. The temperature varies little in the low-lying areas from 27 degrees in winter to 30 degrees in summer. In the mountains becomes cooler as the altitude increases. The period from May to December rainy season which is characterized by brief but heavy showers.

Among Venezuela's 27 million inhabitants, most of mixed ancestry, few are pure Europeans, Indians or Africans. Indians live mostly in the Amazon, while the other population groups adhere to coastal and mountain belt to the north, where most cities are located. Columbus was the first European in Venezuela, and landed first at Oronicos estuary in 1498. Globetrotter Columbus continued its fast search for new discoveries, and the first Spanish explorations concentrated on Lake Maracaibo in the west. Here lived the Indians in villages built on piles in the water. It gave the country its name, because the sight reminded the delegates of a well-known city to Europe. Venezuela can actually translates to "little Venice". Attempts colonization of Venezuela began in 1521, but slides very slowly, partly because the Indians rendered vigorous opposition to their greedy guests. Spaniards prevailed in the end anyway, and had dominion in Venezuela over the next 250 years. The country became independent in 1811, but it took ten years of battle with Simon Bolivar in the lead until all Spanish troops were sent home. Then followed ten years BolIvar Colombian State New Granada until Venezuela was completely independent with its present extent. There followed a number of years starting problems in terms of political power struggles, civil war and enmity with several European countries. From 1908, changing dictators created peace and exploited the newly discovered oil, which does not come population. Dictatorship was replaced by democracy in 1958, but neither the democratically elected presidents had the good fortune to fight the great poverty in the country. Throughout our nation's history, presidents flirted with corruption and heavy-handed treatment of protesters, Hugo Chavez, who was elected in 1998, increased the president's already large power significantly.

If wishes come in the direction of the seaside resort, nature or your mood, Venezuela is an obvious destination. The capital Caracas is a city of contrasts. The historic buildings from colonial located side by side with some of the most modern buildings, where architects play with materials and gravity approaching the unnatural. Nature Gran Sabana region in southeast Venezuela is overwhelming in size and beauty. In the vast area with many mountain plateau are thousands of waterfalls and unique flora and fauna. Passengers traveling to the south of Gran Sabana, one ends in the Venezuelan part of the Amazon rainforest. The lives of Indians scattered in small villages, and the pristine jungle can be seen from hiking trails and canoe trips on the Orinoco narrow tributaries. Even more incredible experiences in natural front can be retrieved in Los Llanos further west. Here the landscape is open and savanna-like, and there are good chances to spot some of the many birds, alligators, anacondas, monkeys, kjempemaurslukere and river dolphins. Have you done swimsuit ready for holiday in Venezuela, it is also possible to get it used. Margarita Island in the Caribbean Sea meets all the classic notions of a tropical island with its palm-fringed sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Is this not enough, Venezuela offers 4000 kilometers Caribbean coast where crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and picturesque villages compete to attract visitors attention.

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