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Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic off the east coast of the U.S.. Its nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, about 1030 kilometers to the west - northwest. There are about 1373 km south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and 1770 kilometers northeast of Miami, Florida. The capital city is Hamilton but the largest municipality is the town of St. George's.

Bermuda is the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory, settled by England a century before the Acts of Union created the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Bermuda's first capital, St George's, was founded in 1612 and is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas.

Although Bermuda is on the same latitude as Savannah, Georgia, it is warmer in winter, and slightly cooler in summer. Its humid subtropical climate is warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream, thanks to the westerly winds, which carry warm, humid air eastwards over Bermuda. This helps to keep winter temperatures above freezing. The climate is humid and summer can be temperature will be high, though mid-August temperatures can reach up to 30 ° C.

Winters are mild, with average daytime temperatures in January and February around 20 ° C. Bermuda is very susceptible to hurricanes. Its position along the Gulf Stream means that it is often directly in the path of hurricanes from the west, although they have usually begun weaken as they approach the island.

The only source of fresh water in Bermuda is rainfall, which is collected on roofs and catchments and stored in tanks. Each dwelling usually has at least one of these tanks.
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