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Strasbourg is a city in the department of Bas - Rhin in the Alsace region of France. Strasbourg is situated on the Ill River, where it flows into the Rhine on the border with Germany, across from the German town of Kehl. The city is located in the Upper Rhine Plain, approximately 20 km east of the Vosges Mountains and 25 miles west of the Black Forest.

The city is the seat of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Ombudsman, Euro Corps, European Audiovisual Observatory and most notably, the European Parliament .

Strasbourg is a popular tourist destination. The city is beautifully preserved and has a pedestrian- friendly downtown. The center can comfortably explored on foot or by bike.

The city offers many cultural events as well. There are dozens of museums, concerts, both free and not -so -free, operas, ballet and much more. The city is vibrant, with a great political scene and a very large university. It is a wonderful city to be a student. Coffee shops are welcoming and the locals are very friendly. They are susceptible to all languages, but always try to use French when you can. There are especially a lot of tourists in the summer months and during the annual winter market.

Water bus tours are available near the Palais des Rohan, south of the cathedral.

Petite France is the name of the small area between the rivers, which is home to some of Strasbourg 's most beautiful and photogenic streets and buildings.
Popular attractions

  #1 Musée des Beaux-Arts ...

  #2 Strasbourg Cathedral

  #3 Musée d'Art Moder...

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