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Haría is a municipality in the northern portion of the island of Lanzarote in the Las Palmas province of the Canary Islands and is the northernmost and easternmost Canarian municipality. Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the municipality is bordered to the south by the municipality of Teguise.

The west of the municipality is largely mountainous, with much of the western coastline rising steeply a little way inland. Numerous miradors (viewpoints) on this high ground offer some of the island's most spectacular views, the most well known being the Mirador del Rio which is a popular tourist attraction. To the southeast the land is low-lying and largely used for agriculture, with many small beach resorts along the coast. The northeast of the municipality is largely uninhabited, having been buried approximately 3000 years ago by the eruption of the Montaña Corona which formed the inhospitable Malpais de la Corona. This eruption also produced extensive hollow lava tunnels called jameos, some of which have been developed into two of the island's most-visited geological attractions: the Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua.
Popular attractions

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  #3 Jardin de Cactus

  #4 Jameos del Agua

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