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Willemstad is the capital of Curacao and the largest city in the Lesser Antilles. It was until 2010 the capital of the Netherlands Antilles. The town consists of two main parts: Punda and Otrobanda. They are divided by St. Anna Bay, a deep bay in the shape of a channel, approx. 1.6 km long and up to 90 meters long that connects the Caribbean Sea with the natural lagoon with port facilities called "Schottegat."

Punda, to the east of the canal, was inhabited from 1634, when the Dutch took over the island from Spain. Probably does Punda something like "point". Otrobanda, which was inhabited from 1707 is the newer part of town and is regarded as a poorer part of town, but in recent years as its cultural center. The name comes from the Papiamento otro banda, which means "the other side".

Punda and Otrobanda are connected by a swing bridge on pontoons, Koningin Emmabrug built tree in 1888. After the traffic over the bridge was banned in the 1970s is now most of the traffic between the two districts of Konigin Julianabrug. Approximately 15,000 pedestrians still use the old bridge daily.

Willemstad has a town center with a variety of colonial, architectural masterpieces, strongly influenced by various Dutch styles. This has resulted in the historic part of town has been declared by UNESCO memorable.

The distinctive architecture and its location along the St. Anna Bay has led to Willemstad referred to as "The Western Hemisphere Amsterdam."

Because of the location is Willemstad an excellent harbor. Willemstad became the seat of a major refinery at Royal Dutch / Shell in 1914.

The city is also a major tourist destination.

Willemstad is served by Hato International Airport, which is also the home base of Insel Air, Curaçao airline.

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