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Versailles is a city and municipality in the department of Yvelines in the region Ile -de -France. Versailles is a suburb of Paris and is located 23 km southwest of the city center. The city is the capital of the Ministry Yvelines.

The city is best known for its magnificent castle , castle in Versailles , built by Sun King Louis 14th in the 1600s and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To name it links to a variety of historical events , primarily amazing coat of the German Empire in 1871 after France lost the Franco - Prussian war and the so-called Treaty of Versailles after the First World War.

Versailles primary cultural attraction is the palace , with its richly decorated rooms and historic significance . The city has other places of cultural interesse.I recently, Versailles its position as a wealthy suburb of Paris helped to form part of the Paris artistic scene, and bands like Phoenix , Air and Daft Punk have some link to the city, which also applies director Michel Gondry .
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Kristin B. Jacobsen
Klokkarvik, Norway
"Besøk slottet."
Reviewed 15.06.2015 15:48:22
Som en forstad til Paris er Versailles en hyggelig by med det berø...


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